W.E.Cie Performance

W.E. are a company that has its focus on the creation of dance and performance in the context of contemporary art. The company was founded by Weng Teng and Elias Choi-Buttinger in 2019 and since then presented its creations in New York, Yokohama, Macau, Austria and Taiwan.

Our movement backgrounds are based in Ballett, Breaking and Contemporary dance.

Our special interrest lays in dance as a physical expession of its culture/subculture and our relation as humans with the natural environment that surrounds us ( the intersecion between human and nature).


If life is like a piece of paper, we were born as blanks. The way we grow, we keep copying texts from other books and gradually become thicker ones. How many texts therein truly represent us? Or are we just wasting paper every day? When we make texts standing against texts and fold the paper from the book (of life), what will we discover in ourselves? Orig.ami.  represents “wisdom” and “knowledge” with the human body and paper respectively, physically experimenting on the “wisdom vs knowledge” test.


W.E.Cie Updates

Currently, we are working on a new production about fatherhood. This piece, which illuminates different sides of this turbulent process will reflect some of Elias Choi-Buttingers personal experiences in this time – right after the birth of his second child. But also archaic questions will be touched, like for example, what makes you a father, …

Contact us:

W.E. are glad to get in touch about requests and collaborations in the fields of dance, performance art, and choreography!

Email: wecie.perform@gmail.com

Phone: +43 660 3758904