Leaving for Good

The cross-generational collective of fine arts, contemporary dance, and music explores the form of a huge geosphere. Which at this special place between land and water, the actors serve as a futuristic meta-ship to leave familiar realms behind. It is a story that reflects on one side about the journey of human beings as children of the earth who are seeking fulfillment in outer space, at the same time it shows the transformation from the dirty work in the mud to the shiny future imagined in technology that eventually is becoming reality. Where are we going and what are the sacrifices?

Opening performance of 2019 World rowing championship

Sculpture / stage design
-Andreas Buttinger Caspar
-Josef Baier

Dance / Choreography
-Weng Teng Choi-Buttinger
-Elias Choi-Buttinger

-Gregor Delorenzo

Sponsor / Supporter
-Community Ottensheim (Framework Program Rudder WM 2019)
-Red Sapata Tanzfabrik